English in Action – One of the best weeks in our lives!

At the beginning of the second semester all fourth classes had one week ONLY ENGLISH, English in Action (six lessons every day, from Monday to Friday!). Four teachers from the UK had come to Vienna and we learned a lot about the UK, played games, had presentations and of course: a lot of fun.

At the end - on Friday - it was show-time. Every group had prepared a sketch which was presented to parents and teachers. (we did get some applause ;).

We all agree, that the teachers were amazing. They were really funny and helped us feel comfortable speaking English. It was a little hard to work on the show speaking English only, but we managed successfully.

So: English in Action was a great experience and definitely one of the best weeks in our lives!

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English in Action

English in action was quite interesting, because you don’t really get to speak with native English speakers a lot in Europe unless you go to an international school. They did remind me of a few of my teachers from my old school.

We learned a lot about the English culture and also had two hours each day to prepare Friday’s show and presentations. I sure did learn some new vocabulary. It really was a memorable week and I will really miss the activities and the games we played. I don’t think I will forget this English in action week anytime soon.

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